Hydrophonics Module

Trying to improve my workflow (high poly modeling to lowpoly while baking and painting textures in Substance) I've done a simple spaceship module - hydrophonics lab. Thanks to Julius Harling ( https://www.artstation.com/julius_harling ) and his aswome plugin Graswald for Blender I was able to easily populate it with some great and detailed plants. All modeled in Blender and rendered In Cycles. Normals baked in Substance painter from high poly models. Textured also in Substance Painter/Designer. Color correction in Photoshop. Creation time - no idea did this in free time over last two weeks.
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Mateusz wielgus final1s

Overview Image

Mateusz wielgus final2

Plants Rack

Mateusz wielgus elements2

Objects Presentation

Mateusz wielgus plants

Vegetation Presentation

Mateusz wielgus final3

Plants Wardrobe